Everything You Should Know About Snagging Survey in Dubai Real Estate

Everything You Should Know About Snagging Survey in Dubai Real Estate

Everything You Should Know About Snagging Survey in Dubai Real Estate

Are you buying a new property but uncertain about the construction quality? The real estate market has a lot of jargon that can confuse new buyers and sellers, adding stress to property transactions. One important term you should know is “snagging.” A snagging report provides an unbiased assessment of your new home, helping you make an informed investment decision. Let’s delve into what snagging entails.

What is Snagging?

Snagging, though more of a slang term, is crucial for home inspections. Snags are minor flaws left in a property post-construction, such as a missing hinge on a door or marks on walls. They can also include significant issues like a large crack on a kitchen wall due to poor fitting. A snag list details these oversights or problems and is handed over to the concerned parties for correction.

What is a Snagging Report?

A snagging report is an inspection carried out when the developer invites you to visit the property. It allows homeowners to identify any defects or snags before accepting the key handover from the developer.

Why Do You Need a Snagging Inspection?

A snagging inspection provides technical advice on the property’s condition, covering aspects like cosmetics, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. This ensures your property is defect-free before you take possession.

What Does a Snagging Inspection Cover?

A comprehensive snagging inspection should cover every part and item of the property, including cosmetics, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems (MEPs), sanitary ware, appliances, and furniture if applicable. For villas and townhouses, it should also include the water pump room, water tank, manholes, garden area, carport, and rooftop.

When Should You Have a Snagging Inspection?

The ideal time for a snagging inspection is during the property’s orientation before the developer completes the handover process.

Why Hire Third-Party Snagging Professionals?

Third-party professionals bring technical knowledge and construction experience, offering an expert opinion on your property. They use specialized tools and equipment like thermal cameras, electrical socket testers, and humidity level meters to detect hidden defects.

The Cost of a Snagging Survey

The cost of a snagging survey depends on the scope of work required. Typically, it is charged per square foot of the area inspected.

Benefits of Snagging Inspections

Snagging inspections help owners identify defects before moving in, ensuring a quicker return on investment. Whether you are an end user, an investor, or planning to sell, a snagging inspection adds value by guaranteeing the property is in top condition. For investors, it ensures tenants move into a defect-free property, saving you future hassles. For sellers, it enhances the property’s appeal to potential buyers.

Responsibilities and Timelines

The developer is responsible for rectifying all snags and defects. They should also allow for a De-snag inspection before the key handover. The timeline for rectification varies by developer and property size, but it generally takes about 20 to 30 days.

What is a De-snag Inspection?

A De-snag inspection is a follow-up inspection after the developer confirms all snags have been rectified. It ensures the repairs meet the required standards.

Is Snagging Only for New Builds?

While snagging inspections are typically for newly built properties, other types of inspections like move-in, move-out, and condition inspections can cover additional requirements.

That wraps up our guide on snagging, a crucial term for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.

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